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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #91 på: Februar 25, 2019, 22:25:30 »
Ingen pressekonferanse før qpr?
Ingen i tillegg til den som det refereres fra to innlegg over ditt, nei.

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #92 på: Februar 25, 2019, 22:54:31 »
Før QPR borte i hengekamp:

Stjeler denne fra Auren:

Bielsa on specific

The day after the game it is very difficult to do work. The day before is the same thing. But we had a close look at both the offensive and defensive play of the team.

Bielsa on FA Cup clash with QPR

Both teams won't play with the same players tomorrow. I think both teams will be faithful to their styles.

Clarke and Forshaw latest?

Clarke has to follow a pre-established protocol. Forshaw is making the steps to try and get back with the group.

Bielsa on promotion

It's a big hope that we have. This hope becomes bigger and bigger when you see how the fans are hoping to reach the goal.

Bielsa on Sheffield Utd and Norwich?

What they have developed and shown so far makes them deserve the place they are occupying in the Championship.

Important to go back top?

I think that from now on all of the games are very important. They will all have heavy consequences.

Bielsa on his future

The head coach stay or leave depending on the conclusion of whether we fulfilled the goals. We then take a decision from that.

QPR - what qualities?

It's a very clear style. It's a team that knows how they play with it. They know how to impose their skills. And definitely it is not going to be an easy game tomorrow, they're an experienced team and it will be a very demanding game.

QPR - lost seven in a row?

They can have a positive reaction or they can stay in the same negative cycle. We will try to influence the events so we can get the best result for us. We have to analyse each game of the opponent that there is a very small difference between a win and a loss.

Same starting line-up?

It will be the same starting line-up. Berardi and Douglas are among the 18.

Min første Leeds-kamp:
Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #93 på: Februar 28, 2019, 17:59:54 »
Før WBA hjemme:

He's here...
Let’s see what Marcelo Bielsa has to say.

Short week- how hard does that make preparations?
After the loss against QPR the fact that we are playing right after against West Brom doesn’t make it difficult. It’s the opposite.

Team news - does the games in succession make it hard?
No it’s not a problem to play three games in six day.

West Brom's threat
It;s another kind of opponent. An opponent that will play against us and this rival has the same conditions as us.

What are West Brom's strengths?

West Brom’s main skills are the quantity and quality of the offensive players.

What did you learn from the defeat in November? Or is this a different game?
It’s difficult to say if it’s going to be a smiliar game. Hopefully we will have another result and we will try to be better than the opponent. That was not the case in the first game.

How important is home advantage?

All the games are important, this one as well, and the fans have always come to the stadium.
And for us each game has capital importance.

Can the fans make a difference in these big games?
The fans always have a positive impact in the performance of the team.
The value of that is that what we do has an impact on their emotions and we always receive a postivie response when we make effort and we felt followed by the fans when we face adversity.
Without their support we wouldn’t be the team we are.

What have you done to lift your spirits from Tuesday night when you looked very deflated?
It’s an obligation in my profession to overcome the sadness and the hope of the next game is a good recipe for that.
And it’s completely natural to be sad after a loss. What is strange is when you’re not sad after a loss.
And to be full of hope when you are playing another game soon is also natural.
And it’s not advisable to think about the bad things and not think about the good things that are going to come.

Do you feel some people react disproportionately to defeat?
Maybe I didn’t explain myself well.
For me a win or loss is very important. Both things are very important. What I mean is that in order to draw an analysis we cannot just focus on the result.
The results are absolutely important but the result is not enough to explain a game.
And regarding the importance we give to a loss, it’s something common to teams who have a huge impact on people as is the case with Leeds.
When a win produces so much happiness it goes with a disappointment when the team loses.
And when a team goes though moments of frustration, it’s normal that we see a warning sign when we don’t make a step forward.
And our obligation is to make steps forward and neutralise the anxiety of the public.

Clarke available this weekend?

How important is the situation at the top of the table going into the game?
It’s a right analysis and the loss was not an expected one.
When you see the glass is half empty you lose optimism and when you see the glass as half-full you lose self criticism.
And we need to have coordination between self-cricticsm and optimism.
We don’t ignore the advantage of our position in the table and we know we have to keep the advantages we have.

Have can you increase your conversion rate from chances?
You can’t train the efficiency. But you can train the capacity to create chances to score.
For me the fact that the team always deserves to score has huge value.
I am happy when we score goals because we deserve to score goals.
And I don’t make any conclusion when there is no correlation between the number of chances and the goals or when it’s the opposite.

Team news for WBA?
It will be the same starting XI and bench.

How would this Leeds side do in the Premier League?
I couldn’t answer this question because there are so many conditions that I cannot solve today. Any answer I give you wouldn’t have a substantial basis. But it’s not a basic question that you’re answering.

I was wondering if visualising your team in the Premier League is part of the process of winning promotion?
There is a principle that we all apply when we educate and raise our kids. We tell them not to spend what they don’t have. So I behave like that in this case,

That's all from Bielsa
Interesting as ever,
Pablo Hernandez up shortly.
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Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #94 på: Mars 07, 2019, 21:13:21 »
Før Bristol City, borte:

Promotion, player relationships, VAR - 5 key takeaways from Marcelo Bielsa's press conference - Leeds Live

Marcelo Bielsa was on press conference duty on Thursday lunchtime as the Leeds United head coach gave his take on Saturday's trip to Bristol City.

The lengthy briefing touched on a number of subjects from the usual team news and injuries, to his thoughts on promotion, reacting to the win over West Brom and the relationship he has with his squad.

Here are the main talking points from the Thorp Arch session...

Bielsa is not dwelling on West Brom win

This is the first time that Bielsa has spoken since Friday night's emphatic win over West Brom, but as you'd expect, the Leeds head coach has not been basking in the 4-0 victory over their promotion rivals.

"It’s a game we have already played and the more time we spend on a game we’ve played the less we spend on the next game and the next is always the most important," was his typically Bielsaian take on the victory.

Leeds put in one of their best performance of the season last time out(Image: Alex Dodd/CameraSport)
"Of course, the analysis I make about the last game is similar to those made by the observers and analysts."

The question was then put to him as to whether this should be his side's new standard.

"It’s not the decision you take to play very well," he replied. "You try to play very well. With these efforts, the player finds the right state of mind to use all his skills and we wish to have the same state of mind again.

"To try to do the maximum everyone is capable of. Now it’s easy to say we want to play all the games as I played the last one."

All eyes will now be on how his side look to build on this momentum.

VAR and the 'difficulties' of being a referee

After Manchester United's last-gasp progression in the Champions League last night, the issue of VAR is front and centre of the British media today.

While there are no plans to introduce it to the Championship, it will be used in the Premier League next season and Bielsa was asked for his take on the system in its current guise.

Bielsa says referees have a hard job(Image: Simon Cooper/PA Wire)
"I don’t think my opinion is important. Those who evaluate the VAR, if it is convenient or not, those who propose this take into account many factors of the game.

"It won’t be my responsibility to express an opinion without knowledge. I can give an example of being in football all my life and I found the ball can be outside the pitch and inside the pitch. The basis in the game with Real Madrid, the ball was outside the pitch, but the projection of the line on the ball we saw 2cm of the ball were on the line.

"We all thought the ball was out as the basis of the ball was outside the line, but it’s not like that. This shows how difficult it is to be a referee. It’s that difficult we all make an opinion, judge the referees and we don’t even know the rules."

Marcelo Bielsa on the 'human relationships' that underpin his work at Leeds United 

What promotion would mean to him

The Leeds press pack soon learned not to press Bielsa too hard on promotion given his early season statements on the difficulties of trying to predict football matches.

But as we enter the final two months of the season the issue is still very much on the horizon and Bielsa was asked what promotion would mean to him. And as ever, he deferred to the fans.

Marcelo Bielsa paid tribute to the fans
"Of course it would [make me] proud. It’s not a goal that is easy to reach or a common goal. You evaluate the goals, the successes according to the impact they have on people and I take advantage of this question to make a comment on something.

"This is linked to the fans. Those who are behind a goal and they are always feeling emotion, they have an intuition of what happens in the opposite area because they cant see it clearly because of their position.

"If we evaluate the effective involvement of someone who can’t see clearly the game, and in spite of that the fans who are behind the areas have an important involvement with the team, we see what is the real involvement means.

"We do this job for many reasons and the most important thing is the happiness we can bring to those who find it harder to find happiness outside football. You have spectators that go to the stadium to watch a game, as they would a theatre and it’s a good thing too, we’re lucky we have people like that, but I’m more moved by the one who suffers for the team even if he can’t see.

His relationship with his players

Given the quickfire schedule of games and other talking points, it's been a few weeks since we last got a real insight into some of Bielsa's own personal philosophies.

But when asked about the satisfaction he takes from coaching, we were treated to a fascinating answer.

Marcelo Bielsa prefers not to get too close to his players(Image: Alex Dodd/CameraSport)
"Human relationships," he stated. "If human relationships are satisfactory, which means to love and being loved to respect and being respected, this is more important than winning and success.

"When you work with groups that are successful, we talk mainly about the human part of it, we don’t remember the game, we remember the behaviours, the anecdotes. We remember those we learned to admire, how to admire.

"Or others we didn’t admire that much."

And that begged the question, how close is he to his squad? In last week's excellent BBC 5Live documentary the likes of Patrick Bamford said that the Argentine keeps his distance from his players. And Bielsa had an answer for that.

"To answer your question, I love my players.

"Because if I don’t love the players it’s difficult for me to do my job well. The closer someone is to us, the better he gets to know us. And it’s sometimes better to keep the affection linked if we don’t see the other too close.

"If the players were closer to me, they would respect me less because they would see how I am really. It doesn’t mean I’m acting any behaviour but it’s better for them to see me from a certain distance than to see me closer.

"Because my goal is to maintain the relationship between 20 players that are looking for the same thing. In professional football the importance regarding the behaviour are very important. Sometimes when you criticise a player you have better results than when you praise him.

"That’s why the work of managing people is an art."


As usual, Bielsa gave us his starting XI and unsurprisingly the side that swept aside West Brom on Friday all keep their places.

But injury-wise there was encouraging news regarding Jack Clarke, who has returned to training this week and is set to play for the under-23s next week.

"He is well, he’s fit," said Bielsa "He will play next week for the under-23s. Probably will be able after this game to be in the main group."

Jack Clarke is nearing a return to action(Image: Alex Dodd/CameraSport)
The under-23s are in action on Monday and Thursday night next week, so we will keep our eyes peeled.

Bielsa also admitted that Adam Forshaw's return from injury has been slower than hoped, but the midfielder is heading in the right direction.

"[He is] making slow progress, slower than we thought," Bielsa said. "We think he is close to his problem being over and we will rely on him soon. His recovery lasts longer than what he thought. We thought it would be faster, but the fact it’s taking longer is a basis for him to come back in better condition."

We know that Kemar Roofe will be sidelined a while longer and Bielsa said that while there is no comeback date in mind, Roofe is 'working very hard and he is very serious in his work.'

Min første Leeds-kamp:
Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #95 på: Mars 07, 2019, 21:13:57 »
Ikke noen pressekonferanse idag?
Jon R.

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #96 på: Mars 07, 2019, 21:14:55 »
Ikke noen pressekonferanse idag?
36 sek....
Jon R.


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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #97 på: Mars 07, 2019, 21:52:33 »
Ikke noen pressekonferanse idag?
36 sek....
...hadde vært morsommere om du hadde postet det 36 sek. FØR Promo :D
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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #98 på: Mars 07, 2019, 21:57:05 »
Syns vi  bør ta med Marcelos kommentarer om fansen også. :)

1) De ordentlige fansen som står bak målene og ikke engang får med seg skikkelig det som skjer

2) ….oooog de som kommer der og ser på en fotballkamp slik som de går på teateret eller en klassisk konsert (hahah, LOL), slike fans respektere han også ;)

Jeg lar Daniel Chapman skrive det for oss: :)

The main part of Bielsa’s discourse today was about the importance of the fans, a riff he embarked on after Phil Hay asked if promotion with Leeds was a personal motivation for taking the job, and whether achieving it would be a personal satisfaction.

"Of course I would be proud," said Bielsa.

"It's not a goal that is easy to reach or a common goal. You evaluate the goals, the successes according to the impact and the emotion they have on people and I take advantage of this question to make a comment on something that drew my attention."

I’ll paraphrase his point, because Salim looked sounded like he was struggling a bit with all this today, but Bielsa talked about the fans behind the goals who "feel emotion all the time" even though they can’t clearly see what’s happening all over the pitch. In them, he says, "we see what the real involvement means."
"We do this job for many reasons, and the most important thing is the happiness we can bring to those
who have more difficulties to find happiness in all the moments that are not football."

I mean that right there is the quote that puts Bielsa in beautiful opposition to almost everybody else in top level professional football.

Back with the fans behind the goal, he said the fans who go to watch a game as they would go to theatre do a good thing too,

"...but I'm more moved by the one who suffers for the team even if he's in a position of the stadium where he can't see the full game ... I think as football has become an industry it has become worse in all meanings. And the only one that hasn't become worse is the one who loves the club. And we don't praise the fans enough."
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Tell me - Tell me before I go
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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #99 på: Mars 07, 2019, 22:17:50 »
Her er selve pressekonferansen i sin helhet:

Min første Leeds-kamp:
Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #100 på: Mars 11, 2019, 23:11:22 »
Før Reading, borte:

Defensive improvement, injuries, Reading preview - Marcelo Bielsa press conference full transcript - Leeds Live

Marcelo Bielsa faced the media on Monday lunchtime ahead of Tuesday night's trip to Reading.

Leeds United take on the Royals off the back of another win, with the 1-0 victory over Bristol City on Saturday seeing them return to second spot in the table.

Here is every question and answer from the Thorp Arch press conference.

Another win at the weekend - four out of five, coming after a period of pressure. What has pleased you most about this run?

We just won by one goal difference.

In the last minutes of the game the opponent was close to our box and we couldn’t prevent the opponent from playing close to our box.

Leeds have won four of their last five
But we could manage well these minutes without conceding any dangerous chances to the opponent.

How pleased are you with the string of results you've put together?

Yes, I think that the results arrived at the right moment. But the most important thing is not what happened in the past but is what is going to happen in the near future.

What are you expecting from Reading?

The potential of the team is higher than the position they have in the table. The offensive players are fast, the midfielders are good.

Strong physical defence and they use the ball well.

Is Patrick Bamford fit for the match?

Bamford hurt his knee scoring the winner
Yes. It is the same group and the same starting XI.

How pleased were you with what you saw from Berardi when he came on on Saturday?

Yes, because Gaetano Berardi always makes the observers satisfied.

Is there any talk about the possibility of going back to the top of the league tomorrow night or is that something you don't think about right now?

Bielsa is focused on Reading
I am focused on winning the game tomorrow and I don’t take into account the possible consequences of a win.

Our first goal is to win the game then we will occupy the position that our result and the other results will allow us.

You'll be aware of the incident with a fan coming on the pitch at Aston Villa yesterday- You've managed in South America and in Europe where fans are passionate. Is this a problem do you think and how do you resolve it?

You find violent people everywhere in each country and in all activities.

You have more or less violent acts depending on how satisfied or unsatisfied are the citizens.

And it also depends on how important are the leisure activities are for them.

A person that does the thing we saw yesterday expresses a series of frustrations that are not necessarily linked to the football because the more satisfied you are with your personal life, the less you need to do these kind of acts.

Jack Grealish was punched by a fan during the second city derby
And then we have a series of norms to try and have things happen in a civilised way.

If we have just one case like that per year it’s an excellent proportion. Of course, we wish we had none, but the fact we only have one is a good indicator.

Are you expecting Jack Clarke to play both under-23s games this week?

He will play in the one today.

And then we’ll see how he feels after the game and see if he plays on Thursday.

On Liam Cooper - you said the players chose the captain and he's just played his 100th game as captain. In your opinion what are his qualities as a captain?

The fact the he represents his teammates is by itself a virtue.

It’s not up to me to describe the virtues the players recognised in him when they chose him, but I can tell you what I'm impressed about.

You can't find a better professional than him. He feels love from his profession apart from the fact it’s his job.

Saturday was a landmark occasion for Cooper
He is generous and prioritises the needs of his teammates before his own needs.

He’s always willing to help the others rather than asking for help.

He is always very present in times of adversity and he is very discreet when the team is successful. He doesn’t like the notoriety.

In terms of ability, do you think he's improved as a player this season?

The skills that he is showing now this season are the same ones that I saw last season.

With regards to that, the partnership between Cooper and Jansson was not your first choice one this season, but how impressed are you with how they've been playing together?

From an individual point of view they are playing at a very high level, both of them.

And they are two players with many skills and skilled players don’t have problems playing with each other.

And when Gaetano Berardi had to play with one another we had the same efficiency.

And when Bill Ayling and Kalvin Phillips had to play as centre-backs they played very well too.

But it’s true they play many games together and they are the defences structure of a team that attacks a lot.

Bristol City 0-1 Leeds United

There are not a lot of players who have played in the Premier League in this squad, but do you feel there are many who are capable of doing so?

I haven’t analysed the Premier League so I’m not ready to make this kind of comparison now.

But I can tell you any player that plays for Leeds now, they could play without any problems in the two European teams that I trained for some time, Marseille and Athletic Bilboa. I can make this comparison because I know both teams.

And as I haven't analysed the Premier League I can’t give you a convinced answer.

There's a lot of attention on Saturday's game against Sheffield United - is it hard not to look ahead?

I don’t think so because the points of tomorrow’s game are very important for us.

And you never start playing a game before finishing the previous one.

And you know as observers and those working in football when you look ahead for the next game before playing the one before you never have positive consequences. And I think this is a team with enough experience to have assimilated these conclusions.

Can I check on the injured players Kemar Roofe and Adam Forshaw?

They are improving every day. And they are making the positive steps we thought they were going to make and we are following their improvement with a lot of attention.

Lewis Baker has been in good form for Reading recently - what do you make of his time at Leeds looking back?

Baker left Leeds in January(Image: Andrew Kearns/CameraSport)
I wanted him to stay in our team. I didn't agree with the fact that he left.

He didn't need my agreement to leave but in his contract he has the possibility to leave.

I always had a lot of confidence in his skills. And I couldn't express this confidence by giving him minutes of play to show my position.

But I work a lot as to when a player comes in the starting XI he doesn't go out of the starting XI.

Usually the player who plays as a starter stays as a starter.  I only take decisions when I think they can be lasting descions. But I understand that in some situations you have players that can't wait.  Maybe Lewis Baker had emergencies which explained why he couldn't stay with us.  But the moment when he left I was feeling that he was becoming very close to becoming an important player inside the team.

But I understand his decision and his needs.

Min første Leeds-kamp:
Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #101 på: Mars 14, 2019, 21:15:44 »
Før kampen mot Sheffield United:

Here he is...
Let’s see what the Leeds boss has to say..

Pontus says this is the biggest game of their lives - how big do you feel it is? And how significant would three points be?
All wins are important and none are more important than others at this point of the competition.
The analysis that shows that it’s not crucial, even if it’s not crucial it means we won;’t live it as a crucial game.

Do you get excited personally by a match like this?
Yes, of course.

Pressure bringing out the best in your players?
Taking into account the club we are in, every game is very important.
And of course we are reaching the final of this competition. Every games gets more important.
What we’ve done so far is important too. Because it allows us to be in this position now.

What have you made of Sheffield United and Chris Wilder this season?
The teams talk about the head coach they have.
Teams say a lot about the head coach they have. I’ve learned a lot about Sheffield United.
They have a new style of playing. They have been faithful to their style all season.
Each player is giving the best of himself.
ANd if you have a look at their players before this season, you see clearly the evolution. When we won against them it was a hard win and we probably didn’t deserve to win.
And for us it’s a big challenge to play against them and try to win the game.
A complement to the previous answer - our goal is compliment Sheffield United and beat them.

Any techniques to get your players to cope with the atmosphere?
You think rationally about the decisions but you get this energy to think about them through emotions.
For me the emotion that you get from big games is very important.
And our players have enough experience to manage this kind of situation.

Following your comments earlier this season, what is it about their style of play you would like to do?
I would rather answer this question after the game. I think I expressed what was my position.
And I don’t want to talk today about the nuances of the game or the opponent.
Any observer looks at them and sees a team with a different style.

Jack Clarke
He is going to play today.
We’ll see how he assimilates the game and I’ll take a decision after that.

Do you think Sheffield United will come and attack?
One of the features of Sheffield is they attack without stopping defending and defend without stopping attacking.

How important will start of game be?
Both teams have similar strengths, it doesn’t matter when you score, what matter is if you win or not.
If you score a goal sooner or later it’s important but the most important thing is if this goal allows you to win the game.

Wilder says Leeds have been best team this season - how much of a compliment is that?
I don’t like to make comments on my team.

Injuries and team news
They are evolving, They are in the final stages of their recovery but I can’t say anymore on that.

That's all from Bielsa
That’s it from BIelsa. He apologies for being late (in English), blaming Salim!

Min første Leeds-kamp:
Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #102 på: Mars 28, 2019, 19:03:17 »
Før Millwall, hjemme:

En del nytt i denne pressekonferansen:

Waiting for Bielsa
Expecting a new translator today too. Salim Lamrani is away and Carlos Corberan, who is having a very good week, has stepped into the breach.

He's here
For a short time, Salim was here helping us. Then one of the winning coaches here on the staff to help us.

Big defeat last time - any concerns after dropping out of the top two?
Every game is going to be key from this moment.

How have the players reacted since the match?
The focus was preparing the game.

Goalkeeper sent off - solution?
We have full confidence in the participation of the ‘keeper. Of course after the evolution we are going towards this evolution after the game

Good to play for NI?
Very positive.

Injuries - Roofe?
Roofe is not going to be fit for Millwall, but he will be ready for the next game after that.

Jansson and Forshaw?
Both players are ready for Millwall.

Racism - your experiences?
It’s like any type of discrimination to anyone, it’s very sad for the people.

Noticed an improvement in recent years?
Now other people are seeing these facts it is more evident.

Carlos and the under-23s - how proud and pleased?
I am very happy about it, for the players, for Carlos especially because he worked to develop these players.

Klich - what suits your play from him?
The merits are now too please about the improvement in the side. Mateusz from last year continued in the club. Victor Orta selected him to be in the squad. Klich worked hard to be a part of the squad,. The previous week before the season started he was insisting trying to move out of the club because he didn’t have space in the team.
This moment the club sold Ronaldo and Forshaw was injured. Baker was with us. Klich was the fourth option for Bielsa and became the first option. With time he was a very good player. He plays in a more difficult position in football. You have to do a lot of things. A mixed midfielder, sometimes right, sometimes left, he has to close down and attack close. He has to know how to attack and defend in the middle.
Not many players can do this, Klich can. He’s in Poland’s team. He is doing everything here now because Victor brought him here. He won his own space in the squad. In the pre-season I used Klich as a centre-back, I didn’t have the right interpretation about Klich.
With this example we are watching a lot of what we do generally for everyone.

Klich wanted to leave?
Forshaw was the best player in pre-season. Ronaldo was a talented young player in the club. Baker was the new solution for this position. In this moment we played against Las Palmas, Klich played, then I was thinking Klich was the best. Before that, I thought about moving Klich out because he would be fourth choice.
To have one player as a fourth option in one position is not the best thing because then you are keeping the player and he will not play. Unbelievable his behaviour on the pitch. When something is positive I sometimes say it is better than it is, but there are few players like Klich making so many things in the right way. A lot of players attack and defend like him, make movements like him, they can play both sides too, more in the middle or sides, of all these we have a lot of players, but bind them in the same player is so difficult.

Millwall style?
Difficult to face. They have very clear styles. They came from two important games. It’s going to be a hard game, they will use counter-attacks.

Peacock-Farrell reaction since being dropped?
We can see the improvement in the player. You can win confidence during training. He feel he is going to play the game with success.

What impact has Casilla made?

Another thing we have to solve in goal is the effect of the last loss of the team. We lose playing here at home against the two teams in front of us. It’s very important. Something I have said a lot of times, if we analyse only the result we shouldn’t talk about football.
If we talk about football we have to talk about what we produce and the merits, so the analysis of the last game, in producing things it merits a lot. You can say it was very positive. After we cannot forget about the result. For us, the support of the fans is key, but we have to deserve this support, we have to earn it. In the first half of last game the fans made the team feel together with them.
When we starting conceding efforts in the second half, the fans have a memory linking with the difficulty they are suffering from the last few years with the team. We can understand this. The fans showed these doubts from these memories. We felt that in the second half.
We depend a lot on the support of the fans. We have the responsibility to have this feeling with us. I hope in the next game we have the same atmosphere of the previous game. When we went to the pitch and felt the support in the first 35 minutes we created a good five chances.
The team built these chances because they were brilliant for the fans watching. The link between the team and the fans increased our chances. Sometimes, when we have doubts the supporters are feeling this. This is what we have to avoid.
We have to take care and control every detail. We have to keep our fans with us, close to us. We have to avoid the parts we cannot control. Some analysis you cannot do, but how we build our options, and how the opponent build options, in the last game we created double the chances of the opponent.
Seventy per cent of the time we had the ball. This is important. If you analyse how many collaborations the opponent gave us and what we gave them, you can see the opponent needed our help. Our chances didn’t depend on the opponent team.
This is to make analysis, but at the end we lost the game. We have to change the reality of losing at home. We have scored the second most goals and double the chances of every other team in the league. We have had 250 chances to score, the others have been half of this. Top teams score one in three chances, poor teams one goal in five chances, but in the lower part they created 100 chances. We created 250, so the offensive play is the best we have and if we improve our efficiency or had more luck, maybe we have 10 points or more, but this is making analysis.
The real thing is the results. To correct, to improve we have to make this analysis. This evaluation with you is what we are telling the team.

Do you need to remind the players of all these good things?
It’s important they don’t feel disappointed in one game like that one. What you can criticise is this disappointed feeling. Knowing we have 24 points to play for is positive. We didn’t lose any of our optimism. Our obligation is to play well to win the games. Try to do the things we can in football.
Before the games you can have one feeling and another after.

Any psychological advantage for Blades?
Always I feel uncomfortable looking at the table to analyse others. I am making this analysis, but I don’t want to take merit away from the other team. At the end, they came to Elland Road and won an important game. It’s difficult to think their win gives them an advantage. The thing which creates an optimistic feeling for me is every game we leave forgetting the next games we are going to play. Before any game we have to ask if we are in good conditions to win the game, then you find this answer while watching. The last message was a positive one from the team. Maybe the first 35 minutes against Sheff Utd were the best this year.
Considering what we produced and the quality of the opposition, this was good.

That's all from Bielsa
Plenty more to come this afternoon from the boss.
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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
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Før Birmingham, borte:

Every word Marcelo Bielsa said on Roofe, Bamford, Birmingham, promotion contenders and Brown - Leeds Live

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa gathered with the media this afternoon ahead of the Whites trip to Birmingham City on Saturday.

The Whites head to the second city in second, with a two-point buffer in the Championship table over Yorkshire rivals Sheffield United.

As expected, Bielsa confirmed top-scorer Kemar Roofe would return to the matchday squad for the trip to St Andrew's

Here is every word and answer from the Whites boss via makeshift interpreter Carlos Corberan.

Can we start with any team news? Is Kemar Roofe available to play? Are players like Gjanni Alioski okay? Are they fit?

Roofe couldn’t play with the under-23s because this week we didn’t play the game, but he is going to be in the squad for the next game. The same with Alioski.

[Barry] Douglas is no longer with the team due to his injury. We say sorry because we are not going to have him with us. We appreciate a lot he was a very brave player in the previous game.

He had a serious injury, but he finished the game playing. That is not something that Marcelo will forget about the behaviour of Douglas in the last game.

Alioski went off against Millwall, tactical or injury?

Birmingham City vs Leeds United preview

Alioski had played two games in the international break. His physical performance, talking about the distance covered between the attack and coming back to defence, was the same as he is doing always, but he’s still one step off full speed.

For Alioski to not have these levels for us is a disadvantage for us because he needs this type of level. It was the reason why we changed the player.

At the same time, he [Bielsa] was watching a very clear improvement in Douglas, then he thought to play with Douglas could give us one solution the team needed.

Championship rumours: Leeds United identify Samuel Saiz replacement, Norwich City complete deal

Patrick Bamford said on social media he didn’t have a good game last week, have you had to do anything extra with him?

No, the work we have done with him is the normal work, but he is a very serious player who takes responsibility in all areas. He has a very strong mind. It’s true maybe he didn’t play the best game in the last game, but his level of motivation is continuing the same.

The Birmingham game at Elland Road was frustrating, will you approach it differently this time?

Birmingham, after they beat us at Elland Road, they started a long period where they showed a high level with this team.

With good strikers and wingers, they are very solid in defence. In the first game, I didn’t feel all these skills. After they showed these skills in long period after they played with us.

Tyler Roberts reacts to the defeat after the final whistle. Championship - Leeds United v Birmingham City - Saturday 22 September 2018 - Elland Road(Image: Alex Dodd/CameraSport)

The fact they beat us is not the only reason to respect them. We respect them a lot too, because of what they have done all season.

You took off Kalvin Phillips early last time and said your tactics weren’t right, has that been on your mind?

We are playing the game in a different period of time. Then, the change was punctual reason, so I am not thinking about making any changes with Kalvin Phillips.

The key events which may shape Leeds United's promotion race this weekend

Will the top two be decided by the top three teams?

Football teaches us imagining what will happen is very difficult. One of the things of football is it is unpredictable. Imagining the future is not easy. At the same time, it is something that is not convenient because you have a very big gap of mistake.

Are West Brom[wich Albion] still in contention?

I have in mind all of the mathematics. We cannot say no it won’t happen until it’s not possible through the mathematics.

You must be delighted to have Roofe back, how difficult will it be to get him back into the team?

Cameron Carter-Vickers (left) and Kemar Roofe battle for the ball during the Championship match at Elland Road on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 between Leeds United and Swansea City(Image: Mike Egerton/PA Wire)

It is a long time playing without Roofe, that is something that is true. He couldn’t play any games to help him with the under-23s. We will see how fast he can adapt to the team and we will see this through the training with the team.

The under-23s games are a higher test, then the most important is with the first team. The only thing we have now are the dates of the training.

How excited are you to have him to come off the bench?

Roofe has shown before what he can add to the team, so for us, it’s important to have someone who can give what he can to the team.

The key figures from Leeds United's accounts and why they posted a £4.3m loss

Luke Ayling finished March with four assists and a goal, are you seeing the best of him?

After the period he came back to the first XI of the team, little by little, game by game, he was improving. Then his actual performance is a really good performance.

How’s Izzy Brown doing in training?

Izzy Brown warms up. Championship - Leeds United v Swansea City - Wednesday 13th February 2019 - Elland Road(Image: Alex Dodd/CameraSport)

Izzy Brown, last week, had a small injury. Now he has recovered from this injury. Then Izzy is one of the options that I have.

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Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
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Før Preston borte:

Hernandez, Roofe, mental pressure - full transcript from Marcelo Bielsa's pre-Preston press conference - Leeds Live

Marcelo Bielsa spoke the media ahead of Tuesday night's trip to Preston North End as his Leeds United side look to move back into the automatic promotion places.

Leeds suffered a 1-0 defeat at Birmingham City on Saturday, while Sheffield United's win at Deepdale ensured they edged ahead of their Yorkshire rivals in the race for the second automatic promotion spot.

With Leeds playing 24 hours before the Blades visit St Andrew's, a win will send Bielsa's side back into the top two.

Here's every question and answer in full from the Leeds head coach's press conference.

Marcelo, second position has changed three times in the last three weeks, how important is it emotionally to keep things on an even keel and how important is it just to focus on the next game. From your perspective will there be more twists and turns over the rest of the season?

Leeds dropped down the third at the weekend(Image: Tim Easthope)
The illusions to be in first position or second position is a very high motivation because it’s the aim, the objective of one year of work.

And in the last part of the season we want to solve this equation.

And of course our motivation is high.

It's a quick turn around from the game at the weekend so will you make any changes? Will Pablo Hernandez be fit? And could Kemar Roofe be ready for a start?

There are possibilities that Pablo cannot play the game.

Pablo Hernandez is a doubt for Tuesday night
Roofe will go in his position if Pablo cannot play.

You play first this week before Sheffield United - is that an opportunity to load some pressure on Sheffield United?

In all the games that we are going to play from now until the end of the season they are all going to have the same condition, all of them - you have to win games.

What are you expecting from Preston? You've already played them twice this season.

It’s a different team inside the Championship because they play with a different style. The players they are using are different to the normal players.

What is the problem with Pablo and how serious is it?

He received a hit in the last minute of the previous game. His evolution today was a positive evolution. We are not going to take any risks if the game that he could make his injury worse.

Leeds United 2018/19 key stats

Is it his foot?

The ankle.

Kemar Roofe played some of the game on Saturday, how confident are you that he is ready to show the form he showed earlier in the season?

He missed a lot of time without playing. The minutes that he had in the previous game were minutes with very close space in the game.

To improve his level he has to play. We cannot verify his level in training. He has done a very high work to arrive to the game in very good physical condition.

You have to put this effort and work in on the games. But Roofe is a player who was very focused to come back into the team in his best conditions.

I get asked a lot about Ryan Edmondson - how close is he to coming into the 18-man squad?

He’s a very young player. In this moment in his position players like Roofe, Bamford, Tyler Roberts have played. There’s a very important difference, I'm talking about experience, between these three players and Ryan, but he has made a very good improvement from the beginning of the season until today.

How much do you feel the attention around the place? How much do you feel nerves at this stage of the season?

Birmingham did the double over Leeds(Image: Mick Walker/CameraSport)
I can talk about our team. I never watch the team overcome by responsibility or by nerves. This team know how to live in moments of adversity. And at the same time it's a team that keep their calm in moments of adversity.

Is there a mental aspect now for your team and everyone else? Is it as much mental as physical now?

The mind aspect is not in the opinion of the physical aspect. Both are good and can be conditioned. It's difficult that one team that is not physically ready can make a high effort only by their strong mind.

It's possible that one team which is physically ready is not able to show this if this team does not have a strong mind.

A strong mind means that you can use all of your capabilities.

Have you been impressed with their mental strength? You can judge physical abilities before you arrive, but their mental ones only after you work with them.

Sometimes the evidence talks about the team. We can verify my conclusions. You can ensure a strong mind with the capability of the team can manage adversity. At the same time you can make sure of this aspect too, about producing a team doing the things that you cannot control on football.

In these two things the team has shown to be a strong team.

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Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #105 på: April 11, 2019, 15:59:48 »
Før Sheffield Wed:

Få spørsmål i dag!

Headache who to pick - no injuries
These types of situations are easy to solve.

Jordan Stevens - how has he impressed you?
The games with the under-23s are always a reference for him. In a previous press conference I was talking about three levels of importance: Championship, games in training and under-23s.
For the players not involved with us who have no minutes in the Championship I am very focused on them in training and with the under-23s.

What's his skillset?
He has all the necessary skills to play on the side in attack. Good quality and speed too.

Wednesday - how different under Bruce to Luhukay?
From the change of the coach they create a more stable shape and XI. They had good results. They use less players. They give a style of play in their games. The positive results are what they deserved.

Did you watch Blades?
I didn’t watch it.

Wednesday - one of the best performances of the season - how similar on Saturday?
More than the opponent, without watching the previous games, we have to win the five games left. When you have less points to win the league because there are few games left, the gap for mistakes is reduced. In football, every game anything can happen. The game of Norwich yesterday is a summary of this.

Does the timing of kick-offs make a difference?
Any of the results of our opponents make us play free or more difficult. With any result they get we have to win the games. For us, to play the games with the obligation to win is nothing new for us.

Is that why you're high in the league - because you always play to win?
You can do different interpretations of this. When one team is trying to speculate during the game and have good success, but when you try to take control... Must try to speculate more.
It means when you play to keep the result. The typical advice is to speculate more. When one team is winning by one goal and concede, they are drawing. You can say to them they should try to go for the second goal.
Always, everyone will claim the things that didn’t help them win.

That's all from Bielsa - Tyler Roberts up next

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Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #106 på: April 17, 2019, 14:39:08 »
Før Wigan:

(Leses fra bunnen og opp!)

That's it from Bielsa

12:53Beren Cross

Les Reed died - MOT writer - your opinion on his song and his motto?

I never can be asking for anything to the fans. The function of one thing is to give to the fans and provoke of them the reaction they have. Their positive reaction to the song. If their reactions are positive we have to go with it and if negative we have to change it. I realise how important the fans are in our actions. Sometimes, you cannot say, but it’s important for them to help our difficult moments pass. It’s important to communicate we need their support. A lot of coaches are asking for the supporters. It’s something very typical. Usually, the players demand the support more. A lot of coaches demand the support too. The fans have a high influence on our capability.

12:45Beren Cross

Response from Blades expected?

During the season all the teams are living similar situations. All with some injuries, with some positive and negative results. During the season all teams suffer injuries and losing players. At the end, you have the table.

12:44Beren Cross

Football is stylish enough to warrant PL football?

All the teams play with different styles in all the leagues. I am watching teams in the Champ play the same and different to us. In the PL, teams like City play the same as us and others who don’t play the same as us.

12:43Key Event

How has Leeds experience developed you?

This question is a question I will answer when all the games are finished because if you know the answer, I will go to some common places. I prefer to give a better answer, more clear when we finish the season. Everyone knows the results will have an influence on our emotions and opinions. We are talking about personal conclusions. Who is in charge of public works to give any type of conclusion we have to attend to what the fans are thinking.

12:41Key Event

Hard to be calm among the excitement?

True it’s difficult. I have to say with a lot of precision. When the atmosphere close to you is excited it’s more difficult to be calm in yourself. You need to have both feelings. To have the right value of both are difficult to balance. Need to have a link with amateur spirit, you have a link with the fans, at the same time, no footballers are not fans. At the same time, as pros, they need balance and calm.

12:40Beren Cross

How would you describe the team's spirit?

We are like an expectation. It’s a spirit of kindness(?) Spirit of responsibility around the importance of each point.

12:39Key Event

Cooper out?

I cannot say he is definitely out, but his chances are slim. Difficult to create a conclusion. Information I give has to be accurate. In this case, it’s not easy to have precision in the answer. I say Cooper is not going to play, but it may not be like this.

12:38Beren Cross

Message to players pre-Wigan?

The message is the same we are sharing with you now. Your questions create conclusions. Conclusion is the difficulty in each game does not have a link with the league positions. Difference mathematically between the teams is not easy to solve in the next games. We need to be focused on the next game and not the other games or league positions. Don’t be focused on the future games.

12:36Beren Cross

Wigan opinion - resurgent

I agree with your analysis. This is a team with possibilities for how they play is better than their league position. This situation has been repeated in the Championship. It’s something produced every week. Teams at the top are playing worse positions, but after you don’t see this difference.

12:34Beren Cross

Title ambitions? Norwich slipped

Our objective is to be focused for the three games in each game. After every game we have to adapt to the new reality. It’s three points.

12:33Beren Cross

Wilder said only three points - spoken to players about the big prize or just the next game?

Each game is going to be independent of the next games.

12:33Beren Cross

Pivotal run-in over Easter?

It’s a game we are going to play until the end of the season. Mathematical possibilities for all of them. For sure, in the next two games there are going to be differences.

12:32Beren Cross

He's here - team news?

We want to play with the same team because Cooper is not going to have a chance to come back. It’s very difficult for him to be ready.

12:23Beren Cross

In position at Thorp Arch

Sitting tight and waiting for the main man now.

« Siste redigering: April 17, 2019, 16:20:51 av Promotion 2010 »
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Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973

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Sv: Tema: Marcelo Bielsas pressekonferanser
« Svar #107 på: April 19, 2019, 19:25:49 »
Tar med denne, ETTER Wigan:

Like irritert som oss i dag! Forventer full innsats på trening i morgen og altså; ikke hviledag!!!

He's here...
Here we go.

Defeat down to sloppy play and lack of decisiveness?

Any explanation that I could give would be meaningless.

It’s not a game that you can analyse.

Because you have games like today’s that you have to win. It’s not the point to give an explanation because the result tells a lot about me.

And condemns seriously my work.

What did you do wrong personally today?

If I look for reasons, explanations I will find in the game how to explain what happened. But you have no explanation that could justify a loss like today’s loss.

We had to win this game and it was a game that we could have won. And we didn’t win it. When you analyse the arguments that describe the game would give a different feeling than the reality.

Everything can happen in football. But today only one thing had to happen - that was we had to win.

When you analyse you describe the game but I don’t want to do that because there is no explanation for a loss like today’s loss.

What can you do to ensure that doesn't happen again in two days time?

This is a very serious wound in the worst moment. And the only relief we can have is to get promoted. What we’ve done so far is not enough. Good but not enough. We need to have more strength in a moment of mental weakness that was not expected. This is a challenge for all of us. Especially me because I’m the head coach and three hours ago I have been described as the maker of this reality and therefore this new reality that is different from the reality before the game is also my responsibility.

Your tactics have been so good this season - does it come down to the players as well as you today?

Honestly I don’t think so. I don’t want to say what I’m going to say now.

We had all the ingredients to win deservedly the game today.

But you have some games where it’s not just about deserving things, but it’s also about getting these things. Honestly I don’t think the players are responsible because we haven’t won today.

What criticism could I make? What could I point with my finger? The player has the duty of giving everything and being ambitious.

When you have these three ingredients, ambition, effort and commitement and you don’t get what you’re looking for, it;’s not the responsibility of the players, but the head coach, And what we’ve done so far doesn’t have anything to do with it. It has to do with this specific moment of the season when everything was in our favour and we couldn’t take advantage.

If you analyse the game and you don’t find the responsibles there is no doubt that responsible for this is the head coach who didn’t find a path to win the game.

The games we have to play are going to be difficult than the game we played today. And if we don’t get promoted it won’t be a season to be remembered. It’s not because we have the obligation to be promoted. But it’s because we arrived at this moment with all of the conditions to get promoted. We lost the ranking we had and the games we are going to play are going to be a lot more demanding than the games we’ve played so far.

In an hour I will be thinking about rebuilding our possibilities because we will heal this wound only by getting promoted. If there is a team that has been unlucky it’s been our team in all, or at least 90% of the games. Today’s game everything was in our favour to take advantage of the moment. Destiny gave us a hand today, a red card for the opponent, a penalty, 15 chances to score and there is no doubt that I field the whole responsibility

How raise player spirits for Monday?

Do you think that we needed motivation to play today’s game? You get the motivation from what is at stake.

We were motivated and we will have motivation in all of the games we have to play.

Today’s game was not lost because of a lack of motivation. That’s why I don’t want to make an analysis. The elements of the analysis don’t condemn us, the result condemns us.

Any criticism that you could make, the development of the game would have neutralised any criticism. But we lost the game. You have games that you just have to win. And if you lose the game, explanations are useless.

I am very sad, but I am full of motivation and I’m ready to work again immediately in these games. What we need is a breath between two games. But reality denies us this moment of relaxing and this obligies us to send the messages to get what we are looking for.

I’m sure it will be a lot harder than it has been so far.

Cooper fit for Monday?

No I don’t think so.


Min første Leeds-kamp:
Strømsgodset vs Leeds, 19.september 1973