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Ordet er fritt / FINANCIAL REPORTS FOR 2011
« på: Mars 31, 2012, 09:40:18 »

Report on financial statements...

Leeds United Football Club Limited ('Leeds United') is the primary wholly owned subsidiary of Leeds City Holdings Limited ('Holdings').

The financial year end for both companies is 30th June 2011.

Leeds United Football Club Limited

                                       2010             2011
Turnover                  Â£32,678,000    £27,446,000
Operating Profit            £939,000     (£1,660,000)
Overall Profit             Â£3,504,000      £2,072,000

·Turnover increased by 19% for the first season back in Championship in 2011.

·Gate receipts increased by 8.3% to £12,711,000 representing 38.9% of overall turnover.

·Central distributions (including solidarity payments) increased to £4,637,000 from £757,000 following promotion.

·First team squad and management costs were £11,614,000 increasing from £7,706,000 in the previous period.

·Leeds United employed an average of 207 full time employees during the period compared to 184 in the previous period. In addition, 662 casual part time people were employed.

·After the year end we entered into an agreement for a £5,000,000 facility to part fund the East Stand Development.

Leeds City Holdings Limited   

                                     2011               2010
Turnover                £34,475,000     Â£27,533,000
Operating Profit           £509,000     (£2,129,000)
Overall Profit             Â£2,988,000      £1,517,000

·The group balance sheet shows net assets of £9,755,000.

·In addition to this, as at the 1st September 2011 the Senior Football Management staff estimated the value of the playing squad at £10,630,000 more than their net book value in the balance sheet.

Ordet er fritt / Intervju med Bates
« på: ſeptember 06, 2009, 00:11:29 »
Kan ikkje sjå at nokon har posta dette enno. Trur det er henta frå Yorkshire radio som hadde ein 'send inn spørsmål til Bates' session, og derfrå kjem desse svara. Er ikkje noko revolusjonerande, men folk har gjerne interesse av å lese det. Har 'bolda' det mest interessante. Henta frå Waccoe.

What's the latest position regarding the buy back of Thorp Arch?

We have an option until October to buy back, rent goes up 3% per year and the purchase price is a multiple of the rent currently at 480K per year. Currently in negotiations with the council to come to an arrangement, will hopefully be resolved on Sept 17th. We had a good meeting with them yesterday and they are now making recommendations to the committee and then we'll know the answer. Can't see of any reason why the council will refuse because it's on their terms which we've negotiated. The council has guidelines for things which they can borrow money for (certain defined projects) and this comes in to that definition so I'm fairly hopefull that the deal will go through and TA will return to Leeds United

Is automatic promotion within our grasp this season?

Simon has an phenomenal record here since he joined us, winning away games which we wouldn't have in the past. The acquisition of Bromby strengthens the back 4 which let us down last year with bad runs under Gary Mac and Simon. I would be disappointed if we don't go up auto, I don't want those play off hells again.

How long are you going to be chairman for and what motivates you?

I'm gonna carry on long enough to be at this guys funeral" (the guy who sent in the question). Loves the buzz of the game, most people have straightforward lives but running a football club is never routine, everyday is different, so much going on all the time it's exciting.

Where do you see the club in 4 or 5 years time?

Ideally we should be back in the Premiership, we ought to go up this year which would take us back in to the Championship which we should never have left other than going up from it, but it will be very tough in there as 6 clubs next season will get a cheque for £11 million in parachute payments which gives them a big advantage over us. So we would have to work much harder to overcome the comparative shortage of riches. But Burnley, Hull, Stoke and Wigan have all done it so there's no reason why we couldn't, we just have to be better managers on and off the field.

Why are the ticket prices so high for a league 1 side, wouldn't you like to see Elland road full every week?

Yes I would, but not in such a way as we go bankrupt. ER is one of the most expensive grounds in the country to run. We pay £1.5 million rent every year, including TA that's 2 million a year in rent alone. If we divide that by the 500K people who come here every year then that's £4 a ticket + VAT (£4.60), council rates are about 60-70p a ticket, police (who as we speak are trying to charge us more) 20-30p a ticket then there's security, insurance, cleaning, player's wages that's why the ticket prices are what they are. The argument is "if you reduce the ticket prices more people might come" yes they might ...... but they might not and if they didn't with lower prices we'd go bust.

Why are the tickets not priced according to the quality of view?

When I came in we did do that but people would buy cheaper tickets near the corner flag and move to the most expensive seats and that would cause rows. I don't want to generalise but that's what happens

What kind of debts would LUFC have if we got promoted to the Premiership and what level of debt is manageable assuming no rich sugar daddy is in charge and how can we make money from the brand?

I don't think a football club should have any debt on it's trading operations only long term on it's property side as that is sustainable, by the time the ES redevelopment has finished I expect a debt of £80-90 million but we will be getting income out of it. I don't beleive in incurring debt to buy players as that isn't sustainable.

We're doing very well on the branding overseas but that doesn't happen over night, we're the 4th most visited football club website in the country, LUTV and YR are available all round the world. We have a better brand than say Chelsea for example as I saw when I went to China but we need success because there are no more faithful fans in the world than those who follow success.

You have saved Leeds United and made it a profitable business, what plans are there for when you're not around anymore?

I'm not planning to leave, my wife say's when I go she'll take over then god help you because she would be far more of a tyrant than me. In all seriousness it's the management team (of the club) which are more important than the chairman they are a vibrant young team average age in their 30's. People are envious of our TV and radio station our website, our catering has just won 3 awards, our merchandising is far more successful than Everton's our programme sales are better than some Premiership clubs and we are getting it right on the pitch too.

Where is the money coming from for the ES development?

There's no money about at the moment but we have to do the planning, eventually this recession will turn and the banks will start lending and companies will start investing again, discussions are ongoing all the time it's a lengthy process so I wouldn't worry too much, it's a matter of timing.

Are there any plans to redevelop or upgrade the John Charles stand?

No not at the moment, we would have to knock it down and the west stand too for 18 months, we wouldn't have enough capacity, roughly it costs £4-5,000 per seat to rebuild.

How difficult was it to keep Jermaine Beckford, and will he sign a new contract?

Wasn't difficult to keep him, we didn't want to sell him and no one came in with a realistic offer. We would have wanted well above the £1.5-2.5m we were offered. It's down to Jermaine his agent (who is a very good friend of Jermaine's which can cause emotions to enter in to the decision) and the club to decide. If we had sold him the money in the bank wouldn't have got us promotion, if he gets 30+ again and leaves on a free it's still a better deal

What's your relationship with SG and is he the man to take us back in to the Premiership?

My relationship with Simon is the best I've had with any manager for the last 25 years, the reason is he's an honest straight forward Yorkshireman who has done it before with Blackpool, he knows his players and his relationship with them is fantastic. "And no you can't have a rise Simon".

What is the situation regarding current TV rights, and would LUTV ever be able to broadcast all matches live?

TV and radio rights are controlled centrally and that money is split between the clubs, so no we could never show the matches on LUTV this system means the poorest clubs who need the money can still get it.

Off-Topic / Chelsea får ikkje kjøpe spelarar før januar 2011
« på: ſeptember 03, 2009, 15:08:06 »
Chelsea har blitt pålagt ein dom av FIFA som hindrar dei i å kjøpe spelarar før januar 2011. Dette kjem av brot på overgangsreglementet når dei henta Gael Kakuta frå Lens.

Link til saka:,19528,11800_5535793,00.html

På tur til England / Leeds - Ipswich 28. april
« på: Februar 26, 2007, 18:59:52 »
Er det fleire som skal over til den siste heimekampen for sesongen? Ser det kanskje blir fellestur i alle fall, men kan ikkje ta meg råd til å delta der.

Har kikka på flybillettar over, og får fly med jet2 for 800 t/r til Newcastle frå Bergen, fredag til søndag.

Forhåpentlegvis blir ikkje dette vår siste kamp i CCC på ei stund...

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

Ordet er fritt / Sully til Doncaster
« på: November 23, 2006, 17:43:04 »
Daa er Sully ogsaa klar for utlaan. Gaar til Doncaster.,16368,1786_1708131,00.html

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

På tur til England / Ipswich borte
« på: November 22, 2006, 19:21:16 »
Har nett skaffa meg billettar til bortekampen mot Ipswich 16. desember. Nokon som har vore paa Portman Road for, og som veit saann ca. kor lang tid det tek ned dit? Ska reise med Leeds sine bussar ned dit.

Er det ein stadion med bra atmosfaere?

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

Flyttet til "På tur til England" av Lids

Ordet er fritt / Risdale tek over Cardiff
« på: Oktober 23, 2006, 00:40:08 »
Hamman quits amid Cardiff takeover,16368,2483_1623492,00.html

Planane hans er:
- Bygge nytt stadion
- Gi Dave Jones mange millionar pund til spelarkjop i januar

Hoyrest kjent ut? Forsterke eit lag som allereie gjer det veldig bra. Lovnadar om nytt stadion...

Det ser lyst ut for Cardiff akkurat no, men om han tek ein 'Leeds' gaar ikkje d lenge foer alt gaar til helvete.

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

Ordet er fritt / Ricketts' contract terminated
« på: Oktober 13, 2006, 21:32:19 »

"Southend exit for ex-England man?

Michael Ricketts' contract at Roots Hall has reportedly been terminated

The 27-year-old former Bolton, Middlesbrough and Leeds United forward, capped once by England, joined the Shrimpers on a free transfer in the summer but has struggled for form and fitness since then"

Good riddance... snakk om bortkasta talent

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

Ordet er fritt / Lita historie om Peter Risdale
« på: Oktober 11, 2006, 07:58:19 »
Veit ikkje om dette er riktige plassen, så moderatorane får flytte om på dette. Uansett..

Eg var på prøvespel for Halifax College (eit av åtte college her på campus i York) sitt førstelag i dag, og sto og venta på møteplassen. Fullt opprusta i Leeds antrekk fekk eg eit par mindre vennlegsinna kommentarar[:D] I det eg sto der, kom eg i prat m ein eldre kar som gjekk forbi, som la merke til det flotte antrekket. Vi mimra litt, og snakka om no- og fortid. Sjølvsagt prata vi om samanbrotet til klubben, og kom då inn på Peter Risdale. Det viste seg at han sjølv hadde jobba med Risdale ved eit tidlegare høve. Eg huskar ikkje namnet på arbeidsplassen i forbifarten, men Risdale hadde vore sjefen hans.

På kontoret blei Risdale som ein veldig hyggelig og likandes fyr, men det viste seg etter kvart at han ikkje hadde mykje greie på økonomi. Han kunne mellom anna fortelje at om det var noko ein ville kjøpe inn, så var det berre å gå på kontoret hans, og Risdale ordna det. Høyrest ganske likt ut med ei anna historie... Han var forøvrig interessert i å høyre om norske Leeds fans, og hadde lagt merke til at Leeds var populære i Skandinavia, og måtte jo då sjølsagt promotere LUSCOS.

Elles gjekk prøvespelet bra, og dei 'mindre vennlegsinna' fekk eit par taklingar[:D]

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

Off-Topic / Atomprøvesprenging i Nord -Korea
« på: Oktober 09, 2006, 19:17:05 »
Har folk nokre tankar om det? Kva meiner folk bør gjerast? Er det greit at USA skal diktere kven som har atomvåpen, når dei og deira allierte sjølv sit med atomvåpen, eller bør Nord-Korea og Iran også ha retten til å utvikle atomvåpen?

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

Off-Topic / York/Leeds til London
« på: Oktober 03, 2006, 22:05:46 »
eg bur i York for tida, og var tenkt meg ein tur til London. Men, når eg søker på togsidene, så får eg kun opp GNER når eg skal bestille reise frå York/Leeds til London, og det selskapet kostar jo minst £70 pund kvar veg.

Derfor lurte eg på om andre har gode erfaringar eller måtar å kome seg frå York/Leeds til London

- Rune

1. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 0
2. omgang: Southampton 3 Leeds 4

Job Done Preston, *******

Ordet er fritt / Wise ferdig i Millwall
« på: Mai 09, 2005, 00:21:41 »

Han 'trakk' seg i dag frå klubben og er då ledig. Rekna m det blir ein del som kanskje spekulerar i at Bates vil hente han til klubben.

- Rune

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